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Eagles  Sports  Complex

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Here at the Mt Gravatt Youth and Recreation Centre, more commonly known as the Eagles Sports Complex, we offer a variety of services to help people get active, and promote sport and recreation in our community.

All visitors must abide by the conditions of entry.

The Complex

Our indoor facility hosts two indoor courts able to be fitted for a variety of activities, including basketball, futsal, volleyball, skating, and indoor hockey to name a few. Each court is equipped with it's own set of grandstands, optional dividers for spectator safety and privacy, as well as a large fan-cooling system, the intensity of which our staff can change at the push of a button to best suit your needs. 

On the outside, we have three gated fields available for booking, two of which are equipped with soccer nets. Two change rooms are available by the Fields 1 & 2 for any hirers requiring them, and grandstands and shaded areas are there for people needing to rest their legs or beat the heat. A third set of change rooms and a dedicated referee's room are also connected to the main building.

Please be advised that our fields and courts are privately operated. Please see the Court & Field Hire page for information on hiring fees and some commonly asked questions.

The Canteen

Accessible from indoors and outdoors, our licensed on-site canteen offers a variety of food drinks to spectators and players alike. Hot chips, coffee, slushees, ice cream, and a variety of drinks for those of legal age, are all just some of the items available. Connected to the canteen is an outdoor veranda, so you can sit down and have a meal without missing any of the action.

The Staff

Our facility caretakers are always there lend a hand to make sure your time at the Eagles Sports Complex goes smoothly. Whether you have questions about the facility, need some help with your booking or just want to grab a drink, our staff are here to help.

So What Now?

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