Court & Field Hire

Eagles  Sports  Complex

Hire Fees / Rates - All Inclusive GST

For all bookings, please email or P 3422 2367

These rates are a guide only. Certain events will incur additional charges. Please ask for a quote.

From 01/07/2021 - 30/06/2022

Indoor Court Rates
  • Daily Rate 7am-3pm $55 per court per hour
  • Shoulder Rate 3pm-6pm $60 per court per hour
  • Prime Rate 6pm-Close $70 per court per hour
NB. The use of the full sized indoor hockey / futsual court will require hiring both courts.  

External Field Hire Rates
  • Daily Rate 7am-3pm $70 per field per hour
  • Shoulder Rate 3pm-6pm $75 per field per hour
  • Prime Rate 6pm-Close $85 per field per hour

School Hire Rates - 50%

Commercial Rates - P.O.A

Outdoor Field Information

Field  Map

Field 1 - 97m x 59m (Currently unavailable due to maintenance)

Field 2 - 99m x 57m

Field 3 - 90m x 55m

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

For the most part, yes. Balls and other personal equipment are the responsibility of you the hirer/player to bring. Certain pieces of other equipment, such as basketball & netball hoops, volleyball nets, and futsal goals are already here and ready to go.

Are the fields and courts free to use?

Unfortunately, no, as our fields and courts are privately operated. Simply rocking up and playing without a booking or without speaking to the staff member on duty will result in you being asked to leave. However, we do offer casual/same-day bookings, which can be made either through contacting us at P 3422 2367,, or by speaking to the staff member on duty, who will be able to arrange a time, location, and payment for you.

I lost something at the Complex! Where do I go?
Don't worry, we have a lost and found bin near our front door where lost items are put to be found. However, more valuable items may be kept elsewhere by our staff for safekeeping, so don't be afraid to call ahead at 3422 2367 if you need help. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the return of any lost property and take no responsibility for its loss or seizure by other persons.

What other amenities are there?
Besides the courts and fields, we also operate a canteen offering drinks and food, including alcohol for the grown-ups.

What are your operating hours? Are you open weekends?
Due to the nature of our operation, our open and close times will vary from day to day depending on what bookings we are handling. As for our weekend times, yes, we operate 7 days a week for most weeks of the year.

Do you only book sports?
No, our venue has been booked and used by a wide variety of events outside of the sports world, including concerts and the Big Bounce Australia event.

Are animals allowed?
Yes, however we have strict policies that all animals are to kept outside of the main building and off of the fields. This is for both field and court maintenance purposes, and to prevent animals from becoming overstimulated.

How long before my booking can I show up and how long after should I leave?
As a rule, it is best to treat bookings as being approximate. If you need to show up early to set up equipment or warm-up, then please consult staff beforehand to ensure that there is no conflict with other bookings. As for leaving, it is expected that whatever areas are being used are vacated by the approximate end of the booking, so as to avoid conflict and late starts for others. If you want to alter your booking times, whether due to late starts or wanting to extend your time, please ensure you consult the staff on duty first.

Do you prefer cash or card? Is there an EFTPOS minimum?
We accept both cash and card as payments, and have no EFTPOS minimum for purchases.

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